Clark Compact forklift with LPG drive C15-20sC



C15C 1500 kg – C18C 1800 kg
C20sC 2000 kg

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clark forklift part

The entire driver’s compartment rests on buffers; vibrations and shocks during operation are reduced and thus this leads to more comfortable driving.

Proven MMC¬PSI LPG engine (2.0 L, 36.8 kW)

  • Low-fuel high-performance industrial engine with PSI fuel system
  • Ensures high performance and torques with low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Powerful acceleration and extraordinarily comfortable smooth driving
  • Meets emissions class IV
forklift engine
    • Hydraulic upright damping when lifting and lowering loads
    • Robust 6 roller fork carriage
    • Maximum visibility due to nested rail profiles
    • Low-noise lifting hydraulics
    • Adjustable canted load rollers
    • Optimum load distribution and low clearance

Controlled Driving Ergonomic Control Safe Driving Experience & Maximum Comfort

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